LUDHIANA: The Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to roll out the grading system and do away with the conventional method of evaluation.

Though, CBSE is formulating a detailed plan for this, teachers and parents are apprehensive of the implementation of the decision that is hanging fire since last many years.

Students and teachers are desperately awaiting the implementation of the grading system. A source in CBSE regional office revealed that they have been asked to submit a proposal in this regard, to clarify certain issues, including how grading should actually be done.

Talking about it, Paramjit Kaur, principal BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School said, “With each passing year, the level of competition is increasing, giving sleepless nights to students and even their parents. If the authorities introduce the grading system, there would be nothing like it and it would definitely help the students in a big way.

Navita, whose daughter has recently passed class X exams said, “Definitely it is the requirement of age. From last many years, I am hearing about grading system in CBSE, but I fail to understand what problem is there in introducing it. Even students feel that it is a much desired step and authorities should implement it.” Puneet Sethi, a class X student said, “I personally think that the sphere of interest varies and we cannot label a child dull simply because of his scores in a particular subject and moreover, children opt subjects of their choice immediately after Xth, so I think grading system would really help students in a big way.”

Sidharth, another student opined the same and said, “Everybody talks about stress level among students these days, but nobody devises ways to cut down upon that. In books and seminars this is the main issue, but so far nothing has been done in this regard.

Talking on similr lines, Archana Singh said, “The grading system will definitely reduce the burden on students. A student cannot be assessed on the basis of his marks alone. This is surely a welcome step.”

The most popular system is the nine-point grading system, which says that the entire range of marks would be distributed into nine grades.

The last grade would be considered as unsatisfactory or poor grade. Those securing over 90% marks would get A grade indicating their outstanding performance in the test. Further grades would be A1, B, B1, C, C1, D, D1 and E. And students would be awarded grades at par with their scores.