NCERT Textbook Exercise Questions (Important Only)

Q.3: ‘A cruel eye outworn’ (stanza 2) refers to

(i) the class room which is shabby/noisy

(ii) the lessons which are difficult/uninteresting

(iii) the dull/uninspiring life at school with lots of work and no play

Mark the item that you consider right.

Ans: (iii)


Stanzas for Comprehension (Important Only)

Q.1: Stanza: – I love to rise . . . . . . . O! What sweet company.

a. Who is the speaker of the above lines?

b. What does he like?

c. Why does he like it?

d. Find out a word in the above stanza that can be replaced by ‘charming’.


a. A school going boy is the speaker of the above lines.

b. He likes to be awakened in the beauty of a summer morning.

c. He likes it because a summer morning is full of natural beauties. There is music everywhere. The birds sing on the trees, hunter winds his horn, skylark sings in the sky etc.

d. ‘Sweet’.

Additional Questions with their Answers

Q.1: What is the poem ‘The School Boy’?

Ans: The theme of the poem is about the life of a school going boy. According to the poet William Blake, the school kills all the joys of childhood. A boy gets up early on a summer morning. He is very glad to see the birds on the trees. The sound of the hunter’s horn coming from a distance delights his heart. He wants to sing with the skylark.

However, his parents force him to go to the school. Neither the books nor the teacher’s words interest him. He sits there with a drooping face. Thus the school boy’s life is a sorrowful life.