Comprehension Check important questions

Q.1: What are the two ways in which the hills appear to change when the mist comes up?

Ans: When the mist comes up, the hills appear to change. All the birds sitting on the hills fall silent when the mist comes climbing up the hill. When the mist comes up, it conceals not only the hills but blankets them in silence also.

Q.2: Which hill-station does the author describe in this diary entry?

Ans: In this diary, the author describes the beauty of the lovely hill station named Mussoorie.

Q.3: Where do the snakes and rodents take shelter? Why?

Ans: The snakes and rodents take place in roofs, attics and godowns in order to save themselves from rain water.

Working with the Text important questions

Q.1: Look carefully the diary entries for June 24-25, August 2 and March 23. Now write down the changes that happen as the rains progress from June to march.

Ans: June 24 is the first day of monsoon mist. The hills are concealed by the mist. It blankets the hills with a cover of silence. The real monsoon shower comes on June 25. The whole nature welcomes it. The first cobra lily rears its head from the ferns. By August 2, the people become weary of the monsoon. There is no storm, no thunder, just a steady tropical downpour. People keep in their houses and enjoy the sound of raindrops falling on their roofs. Snakes and rodents take shelter in roofs, attics and godowns. March 23 heralds the end of winter. The sky starts to become clear after a hailstorm. And a rainbow starts forming in the clear sky. One can enjoy this sight of rainbow which shows the beauty of nature.

Q.3: What signs do we find in Nature which show that the monsoons are about to end?

Ans: Wild balsam, dahlias, begonias and ground orchids begin to appear. The seeds of cobra lily are turning red. These signs show that the monsoons are about to end.

Q.6: Mention a few things that can happen when there is endless rain for days together.

Ans: The weather becomes cold and soggy when there is endless rain for days together. Flood may come if it rains continuously for days. To get out becomes difficult. Constant rainfall is an invitation for many insects, rodents, snakes etc to enter the house.

Q.7: What is the significance of cobra lily in relation to the monsoon season, its beginning and end?

Ans: The cobra lily is the symbol of beginning and ending of the monsoon season. The monsoon season starts when the first cobra lily rears its head from the ferns. When the seeds of cobra lily turn red, signifying that the monsoon is coming to an end.

Working with Language important questions

Q.4: Complete the sentences below by using the appropriate phrases:

(i) I saw thick black clouds in the sky. And _______ _______ it soon started raining heavily.

(ii) The blue umbrella was ______ ______ for the brother and sister.

(iii) The butterflies are ____ _____ to get noticed.

(iv) The lady was _____ _____ to chase the leopard.

(v) The boy was ______ ______ to call out his sister.

(vi) The man was ______ ______ to offer help.

(vii) The victim’s injury was _____ ______ for him to get admitted in hospital.

(viii) That person was _____ ______ to repeat the same mistake again.

(ix) He told me he was sorry and he would compensate for the loss. I said, ‘____ ____’.


(i) sure enough

(ii) big enough

(iii) colourful enough

(iv) brave enough

(v) anxious enough

(vi) kind enough

(vii) serious enough

(viii) foolish enough

(ix) Fair enough