NCERT (CBSE) Textbook Solution

Important Exercise Questions

Q.1: The cricket says: “Oh! What will become me?” When does he say it, and why?

Ans: The cricket speaks these words on the arrival of winter. He says so because he finds that there is no food for him in his house.

Q.2: (ii) What is your opinion of the ant’s principles?

Ans: I agree with what the ant says first that one should save something for the future so that he does not need to borrow or lend. But I don’t agree with the ant’s principle what he told later. If he says he is a friend of cricket then he should also help the cricket at the time of distress. On the other hand I believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Q.3: The ant tells the cricket to ‘dance winter away’. Do you think the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here? If so why?

Ans: Yes the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here. It is so because the cricket had spoken of his love for singing. Singing and dancing go together.

Q.4: (ii) Write the comment of the poet in your own words.

Ans: People say that this is a short story with a moral. However it is true. There are people in this world who spend all their earnings when they are capable of earning. In the moments of crisis or in their old age they find that they don’t have any money to depend upon. Such people, says the poet, are like the cricket of the story. The moral of the poem is: “Save something for bad days.”


Questions from Important Stanzas

Q.1: “Says the ant . . . . . Quoth the cricket, “Not I !

(a) The ant speaks of a principle of his clan. What is it?

(b) What should the cricket have done according to the ant?

(c) What did the cricket reply?


(a) The principle is that the ants neither borrow nor lend.

(b) According to the ant, the cricket should have saved something for the bad weather when it was fine.

(c) The cricket replied that he hadn’t saved anything.

Q.2: “My heart, . . . . . .”and dance winter away.”

(a) Whose heart is light?

(b) What did he do?

(c) How did nature appear then?

(d) Give the meaning of the phrase “dance winter away.”


(a) The cricket felt his heart light.

(b) He sang day and night.

(c) The nature appeared happy.

(d) It means, ‘pass the winter dancing’.

Additional Questions

Q.1: Why does the poet call the cricket in the poem ‘silly’?

Ans: The poet calls the cricket silly as it wasted good time for nothing. It did not use good weather to collect food and make a shelter for winter.

Q.2: What does the poet mean when he says: “Some crickets have four legs and some have two.”

Ans: The poet means that the fable is true for human being as well. Though two-legged, some of us behave like that four-legged cricket. The poet refers to the people who spend all their earnings and lay nothing by.