NCERT / CBSE Literature Reader for English Course (Communicative)
Important Exercise Questions

Q.3: (a) Why is Ramanujam worried about getting his daughter married? Give four reasons.

(b) How does the postman console and guide Ramanujam and his family during each of the instances you have listed in 3 (a)?

Ans 3(a): Ramanujam is worried as he could not find a suitable match to marry his daughter off which was getting delayed because of different reasons. The four causes of his worriedness are –

(i) Sometimes horoscopes did not match,

(ii) Sometimes the girl’s appearance were not approved,

(iii) At times there were problems of too much dowry and other financial matters,

(iv) The season was closing with only three more auspicious dates left, whereas, he was not able to finalise any alliance by that time.

Ans 3(b): First instance – When Ramanujam said that horoscopes did not agree Thanappa consoled and guided him by saying that he should not utter inauspicious words and when the God wills the marriage will be finalized as everything is predestined.

Second instance – When Ramanujam expressed his worriedness regarding the girl’s appearance Thanappa guided him by saying that Kamakshi looked like a queen and angrily replied that only a blind person could disapprove her appearance.

Third instance – Regarding the dowry matter Thanappa tried to console and encourage Ramanujam by suggesting that there was a boy in Delhi earning two hundred rupees a month and that this boy could be a suitable match for Kamakshi.

Fourth instance – To console Ramanujam’s worriedness because of the closing marriage season Thanappa took the initiative and brought the boy’s horoscope from Makunda. He guided Ramanujam at every point and also helped him so that marriage could be fixed in that season only.

Q.4: The following are Thanappa’s words at various points in the story. What do they tell us about his character?

(a) “Elderly people have their own anxiety . . . . “

(b) “Oh, don’t utter inauspicious words, sir . . . When God wills it . . . “

(c) “I have still a hundred letters to deliver, but I came here first because I saw this Delhi postmark.”

(d) “I am a third party. Listen to me . . . What you can not achieve in a year’s correspondence you can do in an hour’s meeting.”

(e) “But what has happened has happened, I said to myself, and it away, feared that it might interfere with the wedding.”


(a) By this line Thanappa could be seen as a figure who is respectful towards the elders, considerate and compassionate towards all.

(b) Through this line, we find Thanappa as a man whom is God-fearing, optimistic in nature and also believes that everything is predestined as per the will of God.

(c) The above line reveals Thanappa as a man of loyal character who is always eager to help others as well as concerned and dedicated towards his duty as a postman.

(d) Here we get a glimpse of Thanappa as a practical and wise person who believes in action rather than speech. He understands the importance of time and objective and has the capacity to judge the situation correctly.

(e) These words show that Thanappa is a brave and honest person who is not afraid of confessing his guilt. He also expressed his genuine helping intention behind hiding that letter and telegram as these could interfere with the wedding. Overall, it shows him a man of articulate, tactful character.