Chemical engineering is a field of engineering which deals with convertion of raw materials to obtain other useful materials via application of chemical methods used along with along with knowledge of physical and lofe sciences along with mathematics,industrialization phase coupled with development of various fields of science resulted into rapid growth of chemical engineering

Chemical engineering combines chemistry with technology and engineering to obtain several products via chemical procedures with help of engineering techniquesChemical engineering is very important in today”s since many of the products we used are obtain via chemical means.Chemical engineering as resulted in replacement of various products with chemical engineering products because they are cheaper more convinient and easy to produce via many chemically engineered products have invited severe critism for being harmful to environment.

Chemical Engineering involves working with chemicals to obtail certain products .Chemical Engineering of utmost importance in prodution of many products like medicines,fertilizers,petroleum products,extracted chemicals,paints,dyes and several other products..Chemical Engineering is vastand varied field requiring knowledge in many fields other than chemistry like industrial knowledge,electrical engineering,material engineering,biologyand mathematics..

For becoming a chemical engineering one needs to have done a 4 year enginneringdegree in chemical enginereing[BE/B.Tech] Other than can one can also do a diploma in chemical enginnering.After doing BE/B.Tech in chemical engineering and related fields one can opt for ME/M.Tech in chemical engineering.Chemical engineering is a quite a well trained proffestion.Remunerations offered are good and depend highly on the kind of indutry one is working in and nature the