Open Source technologies and products to watch out for…

1.Domain: Middleware Suites

Technology/Product: glassfish, Jboss, Apache Geronimo

Glassfish is a Sun supported project. You can join the project or one of its several subprojects at

While red Hat provides a commercial support for Jboss, Java EE backgrounds will help you gain advance skill over enterprise application suite.

2.Domain: ERP

Technology/Product: OpenBravo, OpenERP

SourceForge lists hundreds of open source ERP projects. You can gain expertise in these to provide support services to organization in India.

3.Domain: BI Suites

Technology/Product: Pentaho

You can join this BI and DataWare house community at It is known that Pentaho has hired contributors to the community into the organization

4.Domain: Enterprise Content Management

Technology/Product: Jhoomla, Mambo, Alfresco

Gaining expertise in one such open source ECW product can land you Implement Projects from organization as they look for open source experts to help in this implements and deployment.

5.Domain: Databases

Technology/Product: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Sun provides certifications for MySQL database. You can be a contributor or else you can gain knowledge of the database as that might help you land up a DBA role for organization using open source software (OSS).

6.Domain: Operating System

Technology/Product: Linux. Solaris

For Linux you can join an organization that provides Linux distros like Red Hat and Fedora, while Open Solaris, which is Sun supported, can be joined as a project at

7.Domain: Programming Languages

Technology/Product: Java, Perl, PHP

Java, Perl and PHP from the basis of many frameworks and other scripting languages. The demand for developers in these open source technologies and frameworks will always be there.

You reap the fruits of devoting time to open source projects by the contribution you make to open source.Enterprises are recognizing Such contributions and helps in being recruited by organizations for the open source technologies.

So, join open source solutions today and give your best/

God bless you for your future.

Keep smiling.