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In my current article I will discuss various opportunities for Chartered Accountants (CA), major problems in front of them and also basic skills that anyone must have to become a Chartered Accountant.
Whenever we speaks about share market of the capital market we need to understand one thing very clearly that it has been a great revolution in market these days due to globalisation. Today there are on zone barriers in front of traders as globalisation thrown opportunities for each and every traders. Today anyone can trade an any market from anywhere whether he is from Haryana, India he can trade in American share market or he is from Russia he can buy commodities in Japanese market. In this sense today zonal barriers are long away and market becomes very abundand and open to everyone and this is very natural as the competition is very tough today across entire world. In this way entire world has come in the reach of a common trader. And all credit for this goes to Information Technology which made market 24*7*365 available.
Essential Requirement for Chartered Accountant : –
Apart from educational qualifications a good chartered accountant must have following abilities : –
> New Challenges : –
As new challenges comes in each and every field and share market is not an exception so a good CA must have enough intelligence to face any challenge.
> Opportunities : –
Opportunities emerge every time in share market so a good CA must have enough skill to spot them and to grab them within small time limit.
> Efficient Analytical Skills : –
This is the most important qualification of a CA. If he has good analytical skill he may control the market and many CA who are good in analytical skill are proving this fact continuesly.
Opportunities for CA : –
If any CA posses the above said qualities then he must achieve good place in market. Basically these opportunities are divided into two groups as discussed below : –
> Opportunities for CA’s in practice : – CA’s in practice generally offers services, commodities, currencies, derivatives and also plays an important roles in planning activities.
> CA’s in services : –
Those CA’s which are in service has high growing career today. Being a part of entire market he is at top with all responsibilities.
Challenges in front of CA : –
As CA has a lot of opportunities, administration and thus large number of responsibilities and all this leads to face many problems and challenges. Some of the latest and new challenges in front of CA are : –
> Global slowdown : –
This is not actually a big challenge for CA as no CA is laid off due to recession but recession effect this profession in indirect way. Due to recession all share bear their lowest prices thus effects CAs.
> Effectiveness : –
CAs should watch moment wise movement this make them less effective this is major problem for CAs.
> Excellent Technical skill : –
A CA must have good technical knowledge so that he can give exact specifications of a product. This may be considered as additional qualification instead of challenge.
At last I would like to write few line for what CA’s are known for.
CA’s are known for three basic things in share market. These are : –
# Clean Analytical Skill simply error free.
# Excellent Technical Skills used for describing movement of market.
# Dynamic working style as their role may be changed at any instant.
So friend, I think this article will be helpful for those who are looking for their carrier as CA. If you are one then please give me some details about your work when you become a CA.
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