Indian Buyers Vs world Buyers
India is the Largest Populated country in the world. It consists of nearly 200 million middle – class consumers. For about 10% of middle – class people, price is no object.
India is a mélange of religions and cultures, and has 15 official languages. English is the most important language for business purposes. The economy has averaged a healthy 8-percent growth rate since 2008. The population is young with a median age of 24 years. U.S. products are highly regarded for taste, quality and safety.
India imported a record-breaking $134 million worth of U.S. consumer-oriented products in fiscal 2008, more than double the amount in 2002 for Indian buyers. Urbanization, growth in supermarkets and hypermarkets, greater participation of women in the labour force and rising incomes are boosting demand for consumer-oriented products.
Indian buyers Best Products: Dried fruits, nuts, sauces, spreads, dressings, fruit juices, jams, jellies, flavoring syrups, biscuits, cookies, breakfast cereals, candies, chocolates and other confectionary products, cake mixes, snack foods, baby foods, frozen potato products, and canned fruits and vegetables
Whereas world buyers include people generally from western Countries and World buyers relies mostly on products like cosmetic, fruits , Forging, Stamping, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Robotic Welding, Rotational Molding, Powder Coating, Assembly and Retail Oriented Packaging. Buyers key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development.
Since they are the developed countries they are habitual of using products of standard quality and the products which are more luxurious.

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