Q1 Name any two sexually transmitted diseases?
Ans: 1] Gonorrhoea 2] syphilis

Q2 Write full form of IUCD and AIDS?
Ans: IUCD-Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device.
AIDS-Acquired Immuno Deficiency syndrome.

Q3 Where does fertilization take place in human female?
Ans: Fertilization takes place inside the fallopian tubes.

Q4 If a women is using Copper-T, will it help her in protecting sexually transmitted diseases?
Ans: Copper-T prevents fertilization but the chances of infection persist. So, Copper-T will not help her in protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Q5 What are the advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?
Ans: Due to reshuffling of chromosomes and crossing over, sexual reproduction brings about variation in almost all characters so that no two individuals are similar. Genetic changes contribute to evolution of species to form better organisms. Asexual reproduction does not contribute to evolution of species as there is no variation.

Q6 Why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some type of plants?
Ans: Vegetative propagation is practiced in some plants because-
1. It is the only method of reproduction in seedless plants.
2. A full matured plant is obtained in a very short time.
3. It helps to preserve the characters of the plant the breeder desires.
4. It is an easy and economical method for multiplication of ornamental plants.

Q7 How does reproduction helps in providing stability to population of species?
Ans: Reproduction helps in providing stability to population by-
1. Introducing variation in the population through genetic combination that helps the population to tide over adverse environmental conditions and adapt to changing environment.
2. Balancing birth and death rate.

Q8 What could be the reasons for adopting contraceptive methods?
Ans: Contraceptive methods are adopted for the following purposes-
1. To avoid frequent and unwanted pregnancies.
2. To maintain good reproduction health.
3. To obtain protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
4. To restrict the number of children.

Q9 Differentiate between menarche and menopause?
Ans- Commencement of menstruation at puberty in human female is termed menarche and its stoppage at the age of 50yrs is called menopause.

Q10 What is the importance of DNA copying in reproduction?
Ans-DNA copying is an important phenomenon of reproduction through which the organisms pass their features to their offsprings. It maintains the genetic pool and the body design features in different generation of the species. DNA copying also produces variations due to genetic linkage and crossing over of chromosomes. Such variations are useful for the survival of species